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Posted March 2013

“We found the service to be of excellent value – so great to have razor sharp knives in the kitchen again!”

Halls Head Smed via Facebook

 Posted July 2013

"Recieved the (Sahm Khom) knife in the mail and have been using it for a day or two. I do a lot of stir fries and stuff and it makes cutting up the steak/chicken and vegetables sooo much easier. Its so ridiculously sharp and quality. Thanks Again.

Matt Kairl via Facebook

Posted August 2013

"A HUGE thank you to Knife Cru!! My knives have been given new life! It's amazing how much easier to prep dinner with good tools. I cannot recommend them enough - great service, fantastic customer service and maybe even making me a better cook (maybe!!). I will absolutely use them again! Thank You :)"

Tara via Facebook